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Technical Features

Version Française

  • Aeronautical Infrastructures

- Category B airport

- Control of the total platform of 306 ha

- Principally for commercial traffic

- Aeronautical equipment plan covers short, medium and long haul flights, as well as charter flights.

- Runway orientation North-South 02/20

- Dimensions: 2,407 m x 45 m

- Air Postal Service buildings and Aero-Club situated North/West of the Tower

- Areas for model aircraft and parachute landing.

- Civil Security zone East of the runway 02/20

- The Company CCM Airlines is based to the East of the runway 02/20


  • Airplane Parking Areas

- Commercial Aviation (56,000 m2) : 10 spaces

- General Aviation (16,000 m2) : 50 spaces


  • Passenger Terminal

- Surface area : 17,000 m2

- Passenger throughput : 1,500,000 passengers


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